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The Clone Stamp Tool

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this following information was mentioned in another topic I found when I did a search to understand more of what the clone stamp tool was capable of:

If you change the transparency of the primary color, by clicking on the "more" option in the color wheel window and adjusting the alpha value anywhere from 0-255, you affect the alpha value (transparency/opacity) of the cloning.

here's the topic I found it in.


one of of the many joys of using the search function hehe

Edit: I just realized that the transparency only works with anti-aliasing enabled, if you disable that, then the fill of the clone stamp brush will be opaque (solid).

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How did they select that whole area to be cloned, when I use the cloning tool I am able to just clone by the size of the dot, it looks like they used some sort of outlining tool to select a area to be loned


Where, in the example picture at the top of the linked topic? If so, then that was just a larger brush width, it's perfectly possible. Try it yourself: select a larger brush size*, Alt + Click on part of the image, and start 'painting'.

It took me a day or two to get accustomed to how the Clone Stamp is used, but has been invaluable since.

*actually, I say to use a larger size, yet you can do that with any size, even on a width of one, it just might take longer.

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