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how do you get this crackle texture finish

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Wrapping it to the depth/shape of the mask is beyond my knowledge at this point. But I've experimented with getting cracks.

If you can find a good picture of dried mud it would probably help. Adjusting any color out of it and playing with the blend modes (overlay worked best in my case) should get you something similar to that.


This was made a very long time ago. I cannot remember the mud picture I used or my exact process at all. :[

EDIT: Google search of "dried mud"



As far as a full-fledged render of a texture like that....



[yells Ash's name]

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You could try rendering a Hexagonal grid on a new layer and using DISTORT > Dents, in combination with Waves and/or Sine Waves to get the 'Crackly' shapes - you can then overlay this onto a shiny white surface and pick a blend mode that works.

Just an idea...


That's what my 1st thought too.

Tried it already, but doesn't look right...

But, Oma got the answer already :)


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