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Symmetricality on PDN

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On a programme called Dazzle (kind of like MS Paint but better yet no not as good as PDN), there is a symmetrical function.

Basically, if you select it, a grid appears on your page. It's either a 1 line grid or a 2 line grid

Example 1:


A grid like this on Dazzle would mean whatever I draw on one side is reflected and drawn symmetrical on the other side.

Example 2:


On Dazzle, you can then change to a different grid like the one above. Whatever I draw in one square gets repeated symmetrically in all the other boxes.

I was wondering if anyone had a good idea on how you could do this on PDN or make a plug-in which makes like a mirror so your drawing is symmetrically reflected on to the other side of your canvas.

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You should try the kaleidoscope:


Set the piece per quarter to 1 and mode alterned...

It's a shame the plug-in only does a vertical mirror line.

Would appreciate if it included a horizontal mirror function

I think both mirrors axis are already defined in the seamless texture maker.

What you are talking about look more like what the kaleidoscope is doing : a diagonal mirror in fact...

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