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Sharpen photos

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I can't seem to post images to the forum.

Two ways to do this:

1) There is an attachment facility below the area where you write your posts; and

2) through the aid of a tutorial under the name of 'How to use images in your posts, signatures, and avatars', both viable means to upload pictures.

The first one is quicker, but has its restrictions, the second is far more flexible in that you have a place to store a countless amount of images for any purpose you desire; useful not only for here, but also elsewhere.

As The_Lionhearted said, post the image and we'll see what we can do - we can't give advice for something we cannot see.

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The absolute best way to sharpen a blurry photograph is to retake the photograph.

And take more shots. so, on a mobile phone you might get lucky and have 1 or 2 nice shots.

Get a compact digi cam, they are quite cheap now a days. for important photo moments.

I tried, But I don't think it can get any better beyond this..


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