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remove or alter text once saved?

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Currently, the only option is to undo and try again. I suggest that you add any text to a separate layer, as opposed to directly on the image. That way you can easliy move the text layer around and even adjust/change the color without affecting the original image.


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please could someone explain to me (if its possible) how to alter or remove text i have added to a photo using paint.net

i have added it with paint.net and im not happy with its position and colour but i only have this copy of the photo now?

Uhh.....ok, have you got a .PDN of it, with the text on a seperate layer?

If not, your going to have an extremely tough time getting it removed.......

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Then you'll have to restart.. Its near impossible to get it off.. :o

All depends on the text itself - font, placement, etc. - and/in relation to the image in question. In most cases the Clone Stamp should be able to rid text from a photograph and, if correctly done, can look brand-spanking new again.

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