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Help cannot get paint.net to open or uninstall

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I love using my paint.net but all of a sudden it quit opening and now I can not open it or uninstall it or repair it. I have tried all of that and restoring computer to an earlier time. (when it was working) Anyone know how to fix this. I am not a computer person so I need a lot of help here. :cry:

I have an emachine with windows XP. I use Mcaffee security.

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I have already done all of that. Still doesn't work. It will not allow me to download the newer version or allow me to uninstall anyting from the paint.net. Any help would be appreicated!

This is what is tells me when I try to open it or uninstall it or even when I try to reinstall it.

Paint.NET setup Front-End has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the inconvenience. Then it asks me to send error report which I have done about 20+ times already. No help!

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:/ I have also just run into the same problem. I don't recall changing any settings in PDN, but everytime it tried to start up, it'd say there was an error. I go the choices to Debug or close, and I've kept hitting both, but both don't really fix it.

I uninstalled PDN, and when I tried to install it, I got to the part of installing it in which directory, hit "Next" it prompts me with the "Front end" problem.

It's annoying me because now I'll have to use Photoshop and I don't like it D:

Edit: I restarted my computer a few times. It warks again! >.<

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EDIT: I also hate to double post as well. All fixed, must have been a fluke as I've just reinstalled all the Frameworks and Paint.NET again and it seems to have done the trick, despite doing nothing different.

I hate to resurrect and ask for help, but I now have the same problem, and for once, I'm at a loss on what to do.

Came to install .NET Framework 3.5, the message illustrated above appeared. I tried this a few times and gave it up as a bad job. Went for Paint.NET, same message. Attempted the repair of both Frameworks 2.0 and 3.0 and of Paint.NET, same message. Used the Clean Up utility on both Frameworks which then worked after reinstalling them, but after trying PDN once more the same message came up. Now back to square one with Framework 3.0 not installing/uninstalling/repairing.

The only piece that works now is .NET Framework 2.0; Fw3.0 and Paint.NET are now unusable. Any suggestions?

I'm assuming it's a .NET issue considering it all started to happen after the attempt at 3.5, but with 2.0 working I would have assumed PDN would follow suit, yet it hasn't. I've had a gander at the techsupportforum.com, but to no avail.

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