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I love this so far. MSPaint was too limited, GIMP is..ummm...well..odd. Couple of things are missing that should be in any paint programme though - pattern painting using a supplied image as the pattern, the ability to re-enter a text field after exiting it with colour and formatting options (like Wordart in a way, I guess) and omg..where is "nudge"? Zooming 700% to align a selection by a pixel is not on, especially since there are no 'grab' points on a zoomed selection..

oops..almost forgot..why can't I paste from the Windows clipboard? I used to use Wordart for fancy font stuff and then cut and paste it into the paint proggy..this one won't do it :(

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Welcome to Paint.NET, Darylmark. I'm new to the forums but I've been using this program since I think August of last year and I love it. I do pixel work like dolls and stuff so I don't do much with the tricks, but I'll try to answer your questions until one of the pros can get to it. :)

1) Patterns: I assume you've already noticed the 'Fill Style' option and are frustrated because you can't use your own patterns or imported patterns to paint with. I think that's a bit more than what basic programs offer, MS Paint certainly doesn't. There is a way to work around the fact that you can't personalize your patterns. You could import a pattern or texture that you like in gif or jpeg format and repeat the pattern manually, then use the select tool select your text or shape and delete extraneous pattern.

2) Re-entering text field: This has actually frustrated me too, but again all it takes is a bit more planning and elbow grease than you would usually have to employ. I tend to use the color replacement tool to change the font color if I'm not happy with it after it's entered. It's not too inconvenient to just start over if you want a different size or something. I've made LJ icons and colored alphabets using the program. It's certainly not as simple as pointing and clicking like in Photoshop, but it's a lot cheaper. :D

3) Nudge: I only used nudge in Photoshop once using a tutorial for cloudy skies so I can't feel your pain. But there ARE 'grab' points on a zoomed selection, at least in 2.6...I don't remember if there were in 2.5, but I think there were...

4) Cut and paste: The alternative to cutting and pasting would be to save your fancy font stuff as a gif or png and import it on a seperate layer.

There are certain advantages in using programs like Photoshop (which I had a "free trial" of for about a year until my computer crashed. I've been using Paint.NET since then and I barely miss PS except when I want a quick fix. Mostly I've found this program to do pretty much whatever I want--even if there are a few more steps. The thing I'm most grateful for is layers. I may have given up dolling if I'd had to go back to MS Paint...heh.

Here's the doll dress I did using patterns that were included with the Fill Style option. Just thought it would be a fun look. :D The cloudy castle background I did in Photoshop when I still had it.


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Thank you for the welcome Shimmery :) I have more or less adapted to the things I mentioned. Like you said, it's just a matter of working around and coming at it from a different direction. I upgraded to 2.6 anyway.

I like your work btw..and the pic does show off patterning well. cutting and pasting a custom fill pattern (say, a sandstone texture) is fiddly and time consuming especially in a complex shape so I guess I will have to hang on to GIMP for that at least..

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Thanks for the compliment, Daryl. I downloaded GIMP last night and I really like it for the soft brushes. I've been doing only pixel work for the last six months to get used to Paint.NET but I missed doing more CG stuff so I look forward to getting to know GIMP better. :D

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Since it's being discussed a bit here, I hope it's ok to ask you about it. :-)

I need help downloading Gimp, if anyone wouldn't mind! I see on it's site that it requires a compiler, but I'm clueless as to what that is or how it works. So, if anyone knows where to get the pre-compiled version, please let me know!

Thanks ever so much!

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There's where you can find the installable .exe files for The GIMP. You'll need to get:

The GIMP for Windows (version 2.2.10)

GTK+ 2 Runtime Environment (version 2.8.9, for Windows 2000 and newer; updated installer)

(Those are the top two. The third one is for Windows ME and previous versions (9x). Since PDN doesn't run on ME, I'm going to assume you have 2000 or newer.)

There's also a help file to be downloaded and the GAP (GIMP Animation Package). You can get them if you want 'em. I personally haven't used them much, but they may come in handy.

When you go to install The GIMP, you MUST install the GTK+ Runtime Environment first. The GIMP needs that to install and run properly (kinda like PDN needs .NET Environment to install and run, same deal here). Once you've installed GTK+, then install The GIMP. If you downloaded any of the extras (help files or GAP), install them after you've installed The GIMP itself.

The first time you run The GIMP, you'll get a dialog box that'll have you go through the steps to initialize it for your user account. It will create several folders in your "Home" directory (C:\Documents and Settings\[your username]). It will also prompt you as to how much RAM you wish to be set aside for... something or other... It's been a while since I last installed. It automatically detects what it thinks is best for your system, so I'd just leave the stuff at their default settings.

And that's it (yeah... 'it')! If you have any more questions, send me off an e-mail. This isn't The GIMP help board, after all. We don't want to upset Rick. :P

My e-mail address is:


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I am an organism, an animal, a creature, I am a beast.

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