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3.20 alpha 2 update

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I'm also experience this bug, and when the update is downloaded, it can't be installed. After I close Paint.Net as the "update-manager" says, and the installation begins, it says that it doesn't have permission to the file (C:\Program Files\Paint.Net\Staging\PaintDotNet_107149113.msi).

I realised that when I installed the Alpha (1), I installed it in C:\Program Files\Paint.NET Alpha\ (in the hope, that I could use both 3.10 and the alpha). Unfortunately, nothing was installed in that folder, but Alpha 1 downloads the update in it, and forgets that it isn't placed in the app-folder C:\Program Files\Paint.Net :cry:

After I click "okay" to the "update-installation-file-not-found", Paint.Net says that it has detected that some important installation files are missing, and wants to repair FileTypes\DdsFileType.dll. :?

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Alpha 2 downloaded just fine for me.

The cancel/close is probably intentional, but I didn't notice when it was switching.


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Heh. That's hilariously trippy...

While the file is being downloaded, the "Cancel" button flickers between "Cancel" and "Close." I tried using CamStudio to capture the anomaly, and CamStudio saw nothing of the sort - in the final generated AVI, the button never wavers from "Cancel."

In my testing, though, I did notice that this flicker was not present in 3.08. I'm not sure about 3.10. I downgraded to 2.63, since it was the most recent version I still had the installer for, and its "Check for Updates" found 3.08 as the most recent version. While I was there, I tried the upgrade to 3.20A - no flicker.

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CamStudio saw nothing of the sort - in the final generated AVI, the button never wavers from "Cancel."

Framerate trick, to those wondering.

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