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Multiple pics at once

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I'm a nube at this.

I'm trying to create a certain size banner for a website out of multiple pictures (3 across)

I can open and resize/crop them to be the same size but cannot figure out how to join them.

How do I open and stack three different pics side by side?

I'm woking in a pre-set css template that has certain size tables i'm tring to fit elements into. :?:

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i dont know anything about css but if you want to put them into the same image, make a new image, and paste each one in on a different layer, or the same layer if thats all your gonna be doing with it


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im not sure i understand what you mean, but you could try clicking the "Layers" tab, then click "Import from File", then choose the file you want. so now you have your files in one project, but contained in different layers.

next is to increase your canvas size to your desired width or height, where the three pictures could fit. :)

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