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"grainy" images after using Autolevel

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Have been cleaning up some old photos using Paint .NET that came out a bit dark and I've found Autolevel does it nicely, but it occasionally leaves the image "grainy".

Is there a way to remove or lessen this? I've attached one of the images (Autolevel + Resize 25%).



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i believe the grains are called noise, median blur is supposed to be noise reduction, but i prefure to use small amounts of blurs, and then sharpening, if it is to blurry


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Autolevel itself is not making the images grainy. Rather, they were already grainy, but were darker so it was not as apparent. Autolevel just made it more... obvious. As for REMOVING the grain, you can try the GREYCstoration plugin or the method that Panhead suggested. Panhead's way is much easier, but the plugin will give you a much better final result, as well as giving you far more control over the final image. But GREYCstoration has been called "evil" for a reason... So, good luck.

EDIT: Here's the link to GREYCstoration... http://cmdsketchpad.com/pdn/GREYCstoration_pdn.zip


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