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Which is best?

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I tried a tut with something involving the drop shadow effect. I changed the background of it and first got this...


But then I decided that it was too blurry and dark looking. So I made a couple of other tries...



I don't know which color around the lettering I like best. What do any of you think? If you have any other ideas, please let me know. Or if something doesn't look right, let me knwo that too. I hate the resolution of my monitor and it's sometimes hard to tell how things turn out. (I need to get a new monitor someday, along with several other things.

I love my spatula ! ! !

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This type of request would be appreciated more in the Pictorium. So if you just repost this in there you will have no trouble finding someone to review your work.

More to the point, as Rubrica has just mentioned, the Rules stipulate not to do what you have just done.

See you in the Pictorium :D.

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