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resolution concerns

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I use paint.net to create and manipulate images for production on screenprints for graphic tees. However my screen printer was not satisfied with the quality, and said I needed to use a program with vector imaging capability. Supposedly the standard is 300 dpi. I like the interface of Paint.net. I tried using INKSCAPE, however I cannot have the functionality of paint.net. Please help me! is there a way that i can convert the images to ones of like quality, or possibly a file ext. that I can use in order to send out a higher resolution image. If not would you suggest a program that is as user friendly as PAINT.NET that would have higher resolution control. PLEASE HELP!!!

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"300 dpi" means that, for every square inch you want to print on, you need 300 pixels across and down in the image.

for a 8.5in x 11in page your image would need to be 2550px x 3300px.


Furthermore, there is no good way to convert your image to 300dpi. The point is to draw the image at 300dpi.


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bb00 is right. Images are made of line after line of pixels, and if you increase the size of the image, all it can do is increase the size of the pixels - the effect of which is nothing more than zooming in.

You can't increase resolution without decreasing image quality.


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I have hundreds of .bmp guitar tablature files that I would like to add characters to, as well as improve the resolution of. I used paint.net to add the characters to the top of the file, and then I used the Effects -> Sharpen -> 10 command to improve the quality. It now looks a little better than it did when just using MS Paint to add the characters.

Is there anything else I can try to improve the quality of the image, without increasing the screen size? Things I was thinking of are: increasing the pixels/inch (currently 96); saving as a different file type; using a different sharpen number; increasing the screen size of the file before manipulating the image, then reducing it; etc.

The disk size of the file is irrelevant since it's being attached to a video file. tia.


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