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Am new here ... and well, to add to that, I'm not into graphics! Came along after playing around with many a editor! The one I've been most comfortable with and have used for a while has be Photofiltre. I therefore presume you will understand that anything I ask will have its roots in the ability of Photofiltre!

Ok, so here are 2 things that I've tried and tried, but just fail to figure!

1) Is there a Polygon select kind of tool in PDN as with PF? Polygon select is where one uses the cursor and moves forward selecting point by point before the entire required area is selected. Yes, much like the lasso select, with the difference that the user can release the mouse button every so often and then move on to the next point. The Lasso selection requires that the entire selection be made in one go ... which is quite difficult for some of us, and to make matters worse ... have trembling hands! Polygon select, as it allows releases of the mouse button can be made in small steps and shaking hands and sweaty palms are not really troublesome!

2) As in PF, is there an option to save a selection ... or even copy the selection? Copy the selection meaning ... to copy just the shape of the selection! IF PF for eg. ... I can select any kind of shape ... regular or using the lasso/polygon select, copy just the shape (without the contents and use that selection in other totally new picture. I can even save that shape for future use. Would this be possible in PDN.

Have installed PDN a no. of times, but always took it out and went back to PF for some features such as these!

Thanks for any help and cheers!

PS. Wanted to ask about moving/editing text as well, but a search made me realise its not possible with v3 and would probably be there in v4.

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Welcome here.

1) Is there a Polygon select kind of tool in PDN ?

Not yet.

2) As in PF, is there an option to save a selection ... or even copy the selection?

Use the Alpha Mask import plugin combined with this great tutorial by our smart Dan:


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