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Threading and batching questions


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I am very new to Paint.NET effects development and I have not been able to find answers to these 2 questions. If they have already been answered elsewhere, my apologies (please let me know where, though!):

I am using CodeLab, if it matters.

1. I am trying to create an effect that does a custom palletization routine on the image. I basically need to: (a) go through the entire image and collect color frequencies, then (B) create a color index, followed by © map each pixel in the image to one of those indexed colors. The Render function is called multiple times for different Rectangles. Right now, I'm basically throwing a small hack so that it ignores the call each time after the first one; I do all of these operations in the first call. This effectively takes away any multithreading in the code. The problem is that (a) and (B) MUST be done before ©. (a) and © can both be multithreaded, but I have to ensure that there are 3 discrete passes. How do I accomplish this? Is there a PreRender() or PostRender() function?

2. Is there a way to batch an effect on multiple images? (I have a whole folder of images I would like palletized.)


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Instead of using CodeLab, you should probably be using Sepcot's excellent template for writing effects:


Since you understand the problem you are having, you should see how the render function in the template solves it for you.

Click to play:
Download: BoltBait's Plugin Pack | CodeLab | and how about a Computer Dominos Game

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