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Is this smooth enough looking?

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I have had Paint.NET for a while, but never really got to explore it a lot until now. So I was experimenting with a random Icon, some small for starters... Now I'm wondering if anyone could tell me what plug-in would be best for me to use to make this icon more smooth looking. I tried the feather thing, blur, glow, adjusting different levels, and a bunch of other random things. I still say it doesn't look smooth enough. Can anyone help? I would really appreciate it a lot. Thanks.

Here is the image.


Just out of curiousity... If you do need help with something and you search for it, but don;t think of the right word to use, can you still ask for help? The rules say no asking help. Or are you just not suppsoed to ask for help in the ways that they have listed? And I meant new as in creating things. Not newbie new.

I love my spatula ! ! !

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Start by reading the rules more thoroughly (#6).

I believe, if you have searched for everything you can think of, it should be fine to ask (provided you make mention of your search attempts). I don't believe this has been asked before, and if so not commonly.

Honestly, it doesn't look like you can make it any smoother. I'd say gsussian blur at 2px, other than that it looks fine to me. I'm not really sure of the result you want to get.

(change the title before this thread gets locked - Moderators will not hesitate : Rule #6)

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