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If Paint.net Wasn't Free


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Nah. Rick would make more money by donations rather than charging for it. That's why CS3 is torrented so much, it costs too much.

That's the beauty of freeware, people will donate to help it along, unlike the GIMP :)

Hope not to offend any fans of the GIMP, but it lives up to its name. It tries to be cool, but is crippled by bugs, and a lame interface. PDN has the best layer support I have found, since most use the PS and PSP cut and paste way. I saw someone starting his own PS clone for about $80.00 (Pixel), and I guess PDN would be comparable in price.

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I too have tried GIMP and found the UI "messy". No offence to GIMP users.

As for PS CS3, the functionality is good, but the UI gives me a headache! There are times when PDN beats photoshop.

I mean it doesn't even have anything like Shape3D!

That's pathetic

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i dont think Paint.NET would be as popular if it wasn't free, but i would say around $100.00


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