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i can paintnet paint higher than my monitors reslution

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hi all

im stumpt :? can paintnet paint higher than my monitors reslution which is 1680 by 1050 (21inches), i want to print little moddles which have a bit of detail and eveytime i try, well they dont look good enough use. i no my printers up for the job of printing at higher reslutions so how can i work at higher reslutions using netpain, if i can?

any help would be great


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uuhh your question is stated werid, are you trying to ask how to change the resolution? :?

if you are just go to image>canvase size then make the resolution higher :)


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Just a stab in the dark and to add to Panhead's reply: on the menu bar you will find Image > Resize and Image > Canvas size. With these you can change the size of the image/canvas, respectively, to any size you wish, and in any unit as well; the drop down menu beside the 'Print Size' subheading will allow you to change unit from pixels to centimetres, and to inches.

Does this help, or are you looking for something else?

EDIT: one too many commas.

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