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Feature Request vector graphics support

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I can't find it in the FAQ nor in the Popular Feature Requests thread...

Last news on this were: Not gonna happen, Paint.NET is meant to be a raster image editor.

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Yeah - I think Rick has probably said no. The only reason a program like Adobe Photoshop can have vector support is that they also have the code from Adobe Illustrator; including both is moderately simple. Paint.NET has no such code, nor does it need it.


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Well, maybe someone could make a plugin just to open vector graphics. Maybe with a window "How large do you want the picture?" as you can scale vector graphics losslessly.

Well.... you can do that, or you can just open a vector in Inkscape and export it as a PNG...

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Use the right tool for the job. Asking for vector support in Paint.NET is like asking hammer manufacturers to start including a screwdriver head on the end of the handle. Why would you need that, when there's a screwdriver lying right next to the hammer? 'Tis madness!


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