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Unable to Change Zoom in Zoom Pull Down 1% - 3200%

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Using: 2.6 Beta 2

PC: Dell Laptop Windows 2000 SP5

I've found some very unique instances underwhich I cannot change the zoom level using the pull down selection list of 1% to 3200%.

The first example happens with a black and white (1 bit color) tiff image with Group 4 Fax Encoding. The image is 5100 x 3300 pixels and 61.15 kB in size.

If I adjust the zoom level to anything greater than 600% (meaning 700% to 3200%), I cannot use the zoom level pull down selection again ... if I do, it just stays at that level. For example, with this image, if I zoom into a level of 800%, and then try to select another zoom level with the pull down, I cannot get it to change from 800%.

If I hit the + and - buttons next to the pull down list, it will change. But, what's interesting is that for ANY of the zoom levels from 700% to 3200%, when I high the - zoom button, the level changes to 600%, and hitting the + zoom button, the level changes to 642%.

Now, I have another image for which I have a different zoom issue. This is a 256 color (8 bit) PNG image that is 51x80 pixels with a file size of 3.75 kB.

For this image, if I select a zoom level of 66, 50, 33 or 25%, I cannot change the zoom level using the pull down list. For levels less than 25% and greater than 66%, the pull down list works fine.

Again, here are some detailed notes that may help debug. At each of these settings that I cannot change, here is what happens when I click the + and - zoom buttons:

66% + button changes to 100%

66% - button changes to 49%

50% + button changes to 65%

50% - button changes to 31%

33% + button changes to 49%

33% - button changes to 24%

25% + button changes to 31%

25% - button changes to 16%

As I've noted, these are specific to the images I've been testing. If you would like the actual images to test for yourself, PM me.

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Regarding large images: The behavior you're seeing is normal. This has to do with a limitation we currently have in that the 'virtual' size of the image can not exceed 32,767 x 32,767. So the maximum that as 3276px x 32767px image could be zoomed to is about 10x (or 1000%).

As for the small images and the +/- buttons not always corresponding to the drop-down list. When you click + or -, it can not always get the exact zoom level you are requesting. For example, a 51 pixel wide image when zoomed to 50% is 25.5 pixels. But there is no such thing as a half pixel, so we sit at 25 pixels and then report the 49% zoom size.

There does seem to be a problem with zooming to a low size (~2%) and then being able to zoom in again with the mouse wheel in some cases. I thought I had this fixed but looks like there is still a glitch there.

The Paint.NET Blog: https://blog.getpaint.net/

Donations are always appreciated! https://www.getpaint.net/donate.html


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