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Request - Extra mode for move pixles.

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And for the extra modes, make

1st mode move the nubs like "Oct/Quad, Reshape"

The 2nd mode move like curves like :LineCurveTool:

This way users will be able to resize/reshape.....and much more.

Anyway they wish.

Trust me, if this can be done, it would be so awesome! :D




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What that entails is completely rewriting the Move tool's code, which is already extremely complicated (it's the most complicated code I've ever worked on) and I've debugged it to the point where it works even if I don't always understand it myself. There's no way this would happen until at least 4.0.

* The reason it's so complicated is because it's doing stuff that the history system wasn't necessarily designed for in the first place. The basic code for "render this bitmap with a given transformation" is straightforward, it's the code that has to maintain state in all sorts of weird time traveling ways that complicates stuff.

* Also, when I say "at least 4.0" that does not mean a feature promise for 4.0. It simply means that new design and refactoring in 4.0 would enabled this to be done with ease instead of pain.

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