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.PNG File issue?

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I’ve used PDN to create a .PNG Graphic for a website, the graphic seems fine in PDN or when viewed with windows picture viewer or other But when I upload to the server the transparent part of the image appears blue See below.


I am using a template for the site, the original Image is a PNG with a transparent area which if I open in PDN and then Save AS and upload to the web the transparent layer becomes blue?

here is the original


and here is the resaved with PDN


Any Ideas why this is happening or am I missing something really basic??

has this happened to anyone else?

I Know I can colour match the backgrounds etc

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I also use firefox, same issue applies

Plus as most of the users of the final image will have IE6 I need to keep it as "back compitable as possible

Then use .GIF format for your graphic.

That fact of the matter is, IE6 can not handle .PNG files with transparency well. It is a limitation of the browser. Time to upgrade your users to IE7 or the latest version of FireFox.

In other words, there is nothing wrong with Paint.NET or the .PNG files themselves.

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Ahha! While I take on board all the comments regarding browser compatibility etc.... I have done some more digging and fiddling around... the issue is more one of curiosity I.e. How come the Original PNG file has transparency layer in i.e.6 but the one I've created in PDN doesn't.

after more scratching of my head I have discovered that this has something to do with colour modes. As i couldn't find any differences in PDN attributes, I opened the file in GIMP and noticed that one was using "Indexed" and the other (PDN Image) was showing "RGB". Gimp has a function to switch the modes from RGB, GrayScale and Indexed. I Used Gimp to Switch to index mode saved the file and uploaded to the website and hey presto! it worked...

I could not find a simmilar fuction or switch in PDN?

Many thanks to all who responded and I hope this helps anyone else who comes across simmilar

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