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I've seen all the rose tutorials on the forum but I wanted mine to have a stem instead of an abstract looking piece. So I thought I'd share how to do so:

1. Make a circle selection or draw one. Center the selection.

2. Render clouds at default settings with the inside of the circle selected.

3. Run drop ripple.

4. Run dents.

5. Run twist.

6. Duplicate layer, go to adjustments and flip the layer horizontally.

7. Lower the opacity to about 120 or use overlay.

8. Use color tint or any other method to color the rose.

Using the same plugs can achieve different affects, then using the 'wire' tutorial you can make a stem.

My finished rose:


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Want to make multiple selections like in this tut? -


First to get more than one selection active draw the first one, then hold down `Cntrl' as you make the second, not `shift' as in the tut, and it will be added to the first.

To make the many sided selections , for example an L shaped one, do one rectangle selection but don`t move the cursor away from it. Then just do another rectangle horizontally(or vertically depending on which way the first one went)and when you are finished the two selections should merge into one `L' shape. And you can keep adding on to create the many sided selections shown.

Also I found that if you make one large selection and want to split it in two, right click on the mouse as you make the selection and that section will disappear leaving two separate ones.

I don`t think this has been mentioned yet, apologies if it has, but it is such a useful thing to know I felt I better add it to this thread.

Happy PDNing! :D



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Not actually related to PdN, but: Try and keep the folder where you save your final/WIP/source images in order. On my old computer, I just saved everything in the same folder with the thought "Nah, they'll be there and I'll find them" After _some_ time of PdNing, there were several hundred files in the same folder. And you want to find a single one. Hopeless.

Nowadays, I have a folder for source images, a folder for WIPs, a folder for final images, one for *.pdn:s and one for *.png:s. And every major, larger project deserves its own folder.


Please forgive my possible complaints. I'm but an annoying little perfectionist when it comes to using english...

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Oh wow, I just saw that. I really suggest you don't follow that tip, or else you'll have obvious polar inversion in every single one of your pieces.

If your picture seems too monotone, flatten - copy - undo twice - paste in a new layer. Duplicate this. Run autolevel on the top layer. Set it to difference and merge it with the layer just under it. Set the resulting layer to screen/additive/color dodge and adjust the opacity. If your base image was already very bright, you can invert the Intensity (if you don't the plugin, Adjustments>Hue/Saturation and pull the Hue slider to the extreme left or the extreme right, then Invert Colors) and set the obtained layer to Multiply/Color Burn.

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wow guys, I was kidding, here's a serious tip:

when your board and have no ideas, download a plugin you don't already have and make an image either from scratch or using a stock, but base it around that plugin. like this:

I didn't really change this a lot but I learned what it does.


Oh, another tip, when you download a plugin, see if it was based off a tutorial, a little example, gradients, I had no idea how to make one before I saw the tutorial, and if you need a weird gradient shape Paint.Net when you read the tutorial, you can make your own shapes like this:


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when you finished an image but you still think you should add something think you can do this:

(sorry no screenshots)

1. if your image has lots of layers, then flatten it

2. duplicate image

3. on the duplicated image, do a zoom blur(effects>blur>zoom blur). full settings

4. make dat layer darken or lgihten by pressing F4 on ur keyboard

try it. :lol:


sigs n stuff

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If you want to keep/use only 2 or 3 layers in a multi layered picture without losing the entire PDN file, uncheck the ones you don`t want, flatten, save or copy the image depending on your needs, then just undo the process. :wink:
Yeah, I have done that one before, and it works well. ;)

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As far as custom brushes on a separate layer, that`s something I always do. If you find you don`t want the effect anymore you can just delete the layer.

no i was meaning on a new canvas so that you can use the brush at it' s full size.

Hmm. I always did it slightly differently... O___o'

1) flatten image.

2) use the brush thing on the flattened image. Get it to what you like. click Ok.

3) undo until you have all your layers again.

4) make a new layer

5) ctl+f :D


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Hi all forum members..



The spam thread is the off topic section. Post there if you want to spam. If you have a tip for pdn by all means share here :D

"I am a spammer!" does not qualify for a tip according to Rick... :?


Power comes to those who least expect it, Ambition comes to those who want it. Sometimes Ambition rules the Powerful, many times Ambition Is Power. Remember that Frodo, that ring could have been yours!

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