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How to fix distortion

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Well I got an image from a video that was using DivX for a codec. The image came out good but not good enough for a print job. The image is from an amine show called Hellsing. I liked the detail and look of this image and I want to play with it. So the blood came out black and I fixed it so it would be red again. Now I need to find out how to fix the distortion in the hair and skin. I tryed the clone tool but it didn't work well for the image.

Any ideas on how to fix this image up ?

Note: 56kb users will be here forever lol.

Original Image

The edited image is the one I want to fix up

Edited Image

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surface blur seems to have fixed my main problem.

For Adjust :BrightnessContrast: what settings did you use. I can't seem to get the lighting done so its not to dark but not to much light to mess up the mood of the image.

I also don't see any real improvements with Sharpen+ at default as the image still seems to be blurred out, which takes my eyes away from the main part that caches my eyes. Which would be her eyes.

Any idea on how to change that ?

by the way thanks Ash for giving me a helping hand on this :wink:. As you may know I don't get much time to really play with Paint.NET just for fun.

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Using Auto level made the blood a bit too dark. :idea: :?

I didn't want to take all fun away :wink:

I would fix the blood by copying the spots on a new layer (with magic wand);

then open adjustments->levels:

clear R channel check box and turn the middle output slider down to 3.0 (G and B channels only)

check R channel and clear B&G

Rise the middle output slider up to 0.5 (R channel only)


then play with layer opacity for final touch.

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I just got my printer to work (Now I need ink :roll:).

Well Tanel I will try what you did as well to see if it looks even better then what it does now but I got to tell you. The black blood is what I had to fix before because of the DivX codec. I aslo don't want to take away from the sad dark mood of the image.

Man I need to get more free time to play with Paint.NET instead of only using it for work. It's fun.

Thanks again to all who are helping me with settings for this image.

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