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NEW-How can I turn photo B&W and then turn some parts color?

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I am new at this program but love all of the possible effects. What I am trying to do is turn a color phot black and white. Then (from what I understand) I can make certain parts of that photo color again?

I am sure this is simple and I thought maybe I do it with layers but I am really not sure. I have a photo of my son that I would like to turn black and white and then pull out his skin, clothing and the color to him yet leave everything else B&W.

Can anyone help me with steps on how to do this?


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I am sure there is another way, but here are my thoughts. Duplicate the picture layer. Turn the bottom one into Black and White, and then on the top layer cut away anything you don't want to be in color. Hopefully somebody comes along with a better solution :P

Glad you like the program, I myself am addicted as the possibilities do seem endless.

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