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Feature request: Crop transparent pixels

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Pretty straight forward actually, when an image has transparent pixels (such as a deleted border, or a portion of the picture removed) it would crop it down to the first pixel it finds. This way you won't have to worry about losing any part of the image, though if the transparent part is uneven you would have some transparency left over (which you could then fill in later).

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On 10/28/2007 at 2:36 PM, Hellfire010 said:

Set tolerance to 0% and use the magic wand on a transparent pixel. Invert selection, then crop to selection.

Yes, I know this is an old thread, but I also want the requested feature, and this advice doesn't work, as it gives jaggies if you have multiple layers that create the transparency you want.


The problem is because the "Crop to Selection" doesn't create a rectangle of the resulting canvas size first, then crop to it, but instead deletes pixels on all layers and then does the canvas size change.

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Use Copy Merged (aka Ctrl + Shift + C) to copy the visible layers.


Paste those layers into a new layer with Ctrl + Shift + V


Use the new layer to make your selection with the magic wand.


Hide or delete the new layer when you're finished with it.


Now, as this is a very old thread, I'm locking it. Please start a new thread if you wish to continue the discussion.



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