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Suggestions: Screenshot Rect and Color Picker Mod

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I use Print Screen for full screen screenshots and I believe it's Alt+Print Screen for the current window which is fine (might want to note that in the documentation if it's not for those that don't know though). Anyway that works great but it would also be nice to be able to draw a specific rectangle on the screen and just capture that area.

The Color Picker works great but is resticted to the Canvas. It would be nice if you could use it to get the rgb data from things that are outside the canvas area or even the app window.

In both of the above it would also be nice if there was an option (can be turned on or off) to auto-minimize the app when the action is started then restore when complete, for examples:

Click Screenshot Rect tool -> App minimizes

Click (and hold) anywhere to draw/size rect

When you release the mouse the app restores with image from rect in clipboard or even movable selection in app

Click Color Picker tool, app minimizes

Right or left click anywhere on screen to set primary or secondary color to match

App restores

Again this would be an option as often you will not want the app to minize but it does come in usefull.

AlsoIn the color picker the color pallette would show the rgb value of the pixel it is over (even outside the window) as you drag the mouse around, maybe esc could cancel or something if you then decide you don't want to replace your primary/secondary color.

Anyway just some ideas, thanx for the great program.

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