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.ico Support and Magnetic Lasso

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Just two suggestions ;)

First off, .ico support! PLEASE! It's bad that I have to render up an icon in a .png or .gif and then use a separate application to change it to a .ico for Windows icon use. (Even Vista doesn't support .png- which was a HUGE HUGE mistake by M$ btw.) So .ico format support would be awesome B)

Next, the Magnetic Lasso. I guess it first appeared in Photoshop- but it's great help! You basically hover your cursor over what you want to cut out, and it detects the different colors around that proximity and cuts that out- and when you get all the way around the object, you simply let go and it'll connect it all for you so you can work with what you've just cut out. :D This would be a sweet tool IMO :wink:

But .ico support is my greatest concern :!:

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Remember to read the sticky topics and do a search before asking for features. You'll save everyone, including yourself, a lot of time that way.

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