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Script or adobe actions (*.atn) in paint.net

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Hi all

I have used paint.net for a while but nothing more than crops and what not.

Recently my boss came to me asking if i knew of a free alternative to adobe PS that we could use. We dont want to use pant.net for anything exotic we just have some actions that ask you do do some crops and apply a few filters ( like a mild blur) so very very basic color correction

then save each crop version as a file to a network location

filenamex.jpg <-- orginal

filename-rect.jpg <--rectangle crop

filename-head.jpg <--- head shot

I know it could all pretty much be done manually but i want a macro or a button or something to just do and prompt them for the crops

Any ideas how i could get this done

( i do know a little bit of vb.net and c#.net)

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I think it would be better to use photo managers or applications with bundled tools like this.

Anyway it's on the roadmap for v4.00 though, but don't hold your breath.

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