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compress photos for emails

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If you are saving as a JPEG image the you may lower the Quality setting when saving; the lower the quality the lower the file size, this is illustrated above the preview image while saving.

If you are saving in the PNG format (popular choice) then you have a few options at your disposal:

- You can use this new file type plugin by I Like Pi which uses the OptiPNG compression algorithm, found here: long-ish URL. When saving, simply select Optimised PNG from the 'Save as type' drop down and choose your settings. If you wish for help with the settings or for which are better, then ask in that topic so the people most familiar with the plugin and its methods can answer you.

- Also using an external application will compress your PNGs. PNGGauntlet is the Graphical User Interface (GUI) for the much loved PNGOUT compression algorithm; PNGCRUSH lacks a GUI, so a command line application, but there are blogs which explain how to work around this; and also OptiPNG will do the job, although with this being a Paint.NET plugin now there is little need for this one.

JPEG and PNG are the most widely used formats to save in which is why I only gave options for these.

EDIT: if I remember correctly, Rick Brewster, the lead developer of Paint.NET, is using OptiPNG for all the images and icons in PDN at the moment and has used PNGOUT (or its PNGGauntlet alternative) in the past. This should secure confidence in using the above applications as they are that good ;).

Does this answer you?

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again the best way to reduce pictures for emailing is using program pixresizer. the link is


just download it to your desktop and install it. when you load the picture it will automatically give you several resizes without distorting the picture. the suggested size for email is 600 pixels or less

hope this helps.


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