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Sprite Comic

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Ok, well, I'll type a quick tutorial, though it seems pretty self explanitory to me (but thats just me...), anyway:

Step one would be finding or creating your own sprites. Either use the site provided in that first video, or you can create your own. Basically, you'll want a small canvas (no more than 50x50 I'd say) and start drawing it with the pencil tool. Fill in certain areas with whatever looks good, blah blah blah. Leave the background transparent and say as .png, .gif, or .pdn so you can keep the transparency. K, you got the sprites.

Now, you need a storyline. Just type it out in notepad or something, and refer to it as an outline of your comic.

You need to decide how many sections of the comic you need. Make the canvas big enough to hold them, and then devide it into sections using the rectangle tool.

Once that is done, you need to find or create background for each section. All you h ave to do is paste them in (on a new layer) and resize/crop them to fit in each section as you wish.

Then, the next layers should be your sprites. Refer to your script and saved sprite images for placement. Simply copy/paste them where you want.

Then, speech bubbles (new layer). Just create speech bubble-like shapes in places where they won't cover any important part of the image. They should be white with black outline, and (if you want) add a drop shadow.

The next layer can be the text. This is pretty self explanitory, just use the text tool and type in the text you want in the text bubbles.

If you need further assistance with using various tools and effects, hit the F1 key in Paint.NET to bring up the help page.

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