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Don't use thumbnails in save dialog?

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Thumbnail view is annoying, I really dislike it (it's slow, it's ugly, doesn't give relevant info and often causes hangs/crashes). That's why I set my default folder view to 'details' in windows explorer.

As for applications, all other programs I use also use a detail list in their save dialog. Only PDN insists on setting it to thumbnails everytime. You can change it to detail view while saving, but next time, it's back to thumbnails again. Is there a way to stop this? I read a thread about it being possible in Vista, but not in XP, so I asked about it in that thread, which was old, but still very relevant to the current situation, but it was locked.

Anyway, is there, or will there be any way to not be forced to thumbnail view in the PDN save dialog, when using XP? Every other program can do it, so it's not impossible.

I realise the application is free, so I don't want to demand anything, just asking for info. PDN is great software, kudos for making it.

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uhhhh you confuzlle spike?

do you mean thumbnail view? in the folder? ummm i dont see how that would crash anything though... and its lets you se the picture your trying to open, so unless you memorize your file names and remember them forever.. i like thumbnail view

id thats what your talking about?


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Yes, I'm talking about the thumbnail view in the save dialog. You may like thumbnails, I don't.

In the save dialog it's possible to change view type to details, but next time you save something, it's back to thumbnails again. I would like it to remember my choice.

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This is fixed in Vista; I'm not sure whether Rick is working on a fix for XP or not.


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Hi there,

I had the same problem. Everytime I hit save, Paint would shutdown. I was doing a screenshot and it was the only way I knew how to do it. I had to abandon my project. :(

It finaly dawned on me that Paint was shutting down because my computer was overloaded.

DUH, (I guess I was thrown off because the program shutdown before the dialog box opened.) But not before I tried restoring, reformating and buying a new harddrive. :oops:

SO I moved my pics out of the My Picture folder and put them in another folder so I could use the Paint program again. :D

There is another workaround, but you have to be a genius. Here is the link:


and the quote:

Fortunately, in this case that way is not hard to find. Once again Spy++ comes to the rescue. Spelunking with Spy++ reveals what happens when the user selects a different view, using the dropdown menu in Figure 4. The dialog sends a WM_COMMAND message to the SHELLDLL_DefView, with command ID = 0x702c. So to change the view to details, all you have to do is send a WM_COMMAND—to the shell window, not the list control: :shock:

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Don't reply to really old threads. This is stated in the rules.

Also, this has been discussed numerous times before. Please use search. Thanks.

Thread Closed

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