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Tips for a better sig!

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You and I both know my signature needs...work. :D

i was wondering if you could possible give me a few tips and tricks

to make a sig more attractive and eye catching :)

P.S i am sorry if this doesnt fit in with the rules, but ive read the rules and i think that this is okay.

thank you.


noob_power.jpg Funky Fresh is the way to go. :smile:
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I don't know that this does fit in with the rules, but I'll answer anyway. Your sig isn't too bad, especially for someone apparently new to the program. My suggestion would be to add a gradient in the background, just white to light gray or something, make the glass effect a little clearer, and give the border some kind of 3D look, just to make it a bit more interesting.

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This is not against the rules.

As CS said, I would add a gradient in the Background. Also, perhaps to 'spice' it up a bit, add some sort of an object (WITH COLOR) that really sticks out and contrasts the rest. Perhaps even make it "jump out" of the picture a little.

Otherwise, it really isn't bad ... especially for a newcomer.

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