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Make a logo of glass

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How can I make (for instance) a logo of glass.

For example how can you turn this a flat logo like this one into a shiny glass button?


In this forum there are several tutorials about making glass buttons or text, but how can I make an existing object of glass.

Im not that much of a pro, but I tried some things with making an extra white/transparent gradient layer. This wasn't very succesful though.

Any ideas?


The Apple logo is a perfect example of what I mean, these are two random logo's I picked from google, but the first one is a flat Apple and the second one has the effect that I mean.



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So it's easier to make a whole new glass button than turning a flat image in a glass button?

I think its very cool (and a goog exercise) to turn objects or logo's into a glass button. Maybe a round logo is the easiest, but

also logo's of car brands could make a cool effect. How much effort would it be to do that?

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Nice job on the apple logo!

I've tried it on the starbucks logo

There's a slight difference between just a white haze and a glass effect. The original file has a bit of a crappy logo, but I also made a starbucks-green shadow around the logo.

Why did you add the green line in the apple logo?


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How did you get the sort of 3d effect on the starbucks letters?

I duplicated the image, made the top layer b&w, inverted the color, made a Level adjustment that changed all of the grays to white, Unfocus blurred it to 4px, drew a really thick black squiggly line across the center, selected everything below the line and made it black as well, moved the layer down and to the right about 5px, set the blending mode to 'Screen', drew a gradient in 'Transparent Mode' to blend the highlight...

The bottom highlight was made in a similar manner...

Here is what my highlight layer looked like when I was done.




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