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I want to turn a picture into a zombie.

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First, you'll need to get a knife, then you kill yourself and--


Try this:

1. Open the image of your choice

2. Duplicate the layer 2 times

3. On the second layer, set the blending mode to "Color Burn" and merge it with the background layer

4. Back on the top layer, and select the eraser

5. In the color window, click "more" and move the transparency-alpha adjustment slider down to a low number such as 4 (recommended number)

6. Erase only certain parts of the face like shadowed areas and the eyes.

7. Flatten the image and save it.

My finished product is the attachment below (the origional image).

EDIT: On the second layer, you can play with the saturation setting in the "Hue/Saturation" adjustment for a nice effect.

EDIT2: Or if your going for a more contemporary zombie look, just lower the saturation of the entire flattened picture (after you do the steps above).


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