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Some MORE effect suggestions... :D

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Sorry if I'm getting annoying, guys. :D

Anyways, I was working with Paint.NET on my laptop today for some of my website's graphics... and I noticed a bit of a glitch... and something that'd be kinda nice.

Using the rounded rectangle tool, I'm unable to set the radius of the rounded corners in any manner except via brush size. Brush size quickly loses it's effectiveness when you get pretty high, the corners become visibly edged. Also, there's a glitch that's awfully difficult to describe... so I made a video (3.1 MB)... for you guys.

So.... my feature request.... would it be possible to add a rounded corner radius value thingymabob? Thanks. :D

Also, the grid. There's a grid that is visible (if enabled) when zoomed in, is there one like Photoshop's, that is visible (if enabled) when at 100% zoom and zoomed out further and active as a snapping surface? If not...

....feature request.... tee hee...

You guys rule. :D


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This is a bug that's been around since day 1. It's a GDI+ bug and we won't be fixing it. I think it has to do with the way GDI+ tesselates shapes into lines, and then scan-converts and clips them.

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