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Hide Selection dashes

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I would imagine this is a major thing, for 4.0... but maybe not, i dont really know.

It would be great though... say i select some area on the canvas, then i go to Effects > Some Effect. Up pops a dialog, to let me set whatever options for the effect, with live-preview (this is GREAT by the way, kudos! :) )... only problem is, i cant really see how it looks, because of the running ants around the selection, and the "shading" of the selection area.

It would be nice if while in the effects options dialog, it hid the ants and the shading so you could actually really see the live preview as it will look when finished.

Cheers, keep up the AWEsome work!

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That is true...it would be nice! Seconded.

On some effects, you could just copy it into a new layer and run the effect on the entire layer. But sometimes that doesn't work.

I would really like to see this implemented.


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The selected area isn't shaded except when a selection modifying tool is active (rectangle select, move selection). I don't think it makes sense to remove the 'ants', but I could easily see making it dimmer.

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i still think it would be nice to hide those while the effects dialog is open. Once the effect dialog is closed, they would come back as normal.

Cuz it is a bit cumbersome to select what i want to affect, then first switch to a different tool first, before doing my Effects choice.

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Yah... i guess i could see that being a little problem in a really complex document.

So, yeah... i guess if the shading were hidden while "effecting", and like you said, just dim the ants out some so they dont interfere quite as much with trying to "see the whole picture".

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