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make an image into glass


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:idea: Did you read my tips a few posts up?

Different shape glass will distort the background differently.

And you shouldn't be using the image as shadow.

Shadow try to use light gray and the glass' shadow use the glass' color.

But give some bright spots/zones cuz class tube acts kinda like a magnifying glass.

And the grid doesn't always distort using sine waves. :idea:

See if that helps.

Certainly not as well as I should have, I see! All right, I'm back on the job, with many thanks to your suggestions, Ash.


... I should have been a pair of ragged claws ... - T.S. Eliot

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I've more or less retired from this forum because of attitudes like this among many of our younger members. total disrespect. . .

I didn't know this, oma. You are such a great user and you always contribute what you can. But I suppose that's your decision to leave, I can understand it though, some people on here...

Suppose all I can say is ciao.

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