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Version 3.10 Cannot open two files

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My operating system is Windows XP Professional.

I downloaded the newest version of Paint.NET yesterday and yesterday it worked perfectly. Today it all but refuses to work. While it will open one file, it will not open a second file and freezes rather completely.

I've attempted various fixes including uninstallation of the software, complete check disk of both SCSI drives followed by defrag, reinstallation of the software followed by running HiJackThis! and posting the resultant logfile where professionals could diagnose any problems I wasn't hitherto aware of (my log was clean, i.e., no problems).

I'm out of ideas and rather desperately require the use of Paint.NET as there is nothing else available...anywhere...which will allow me to edit 20 files almost simultaneously.

Does anyone have a suggestion?

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Moved to Troubleshooting & Bug Reports

Make sure to post in the appropriate section of the forum. You're more likely to get the response you need more quickly.

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What size are the images you're using (bit size and pixel size), and what is your RAM size? It may just be running out of memory.


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