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How to flip pasted section?

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I have been using GIMP for years and have only just started using Paint.NET and so far I have figured out how to do just about everything that I had been accustomed to doing with GIMP. There is only one rather simple thing that I just can't figure out.

Here is what I want to do:

- select a small portion of an image

- copy and paste that small portion elsewhere on the image

- flip that small portion either vertically or horizontally

Quite simple. But I cannot figure out how to flip that pasted section. I go to Layer, and select any of the flip buttons and it flips the entire image, not the small portion. I searched this forum and as a result I tried using the Rotate / Zoom tool within the Layer menu rotating that small portion made it disappear regardless of how much I rotated it.

I am sure this is quite easy (as it should be) and I am hoping that somebody can please explain to me how to do this simple task.



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The plugin mentioned by Ash is well ok for symetric selections like circle, square, rectangle...

For a selection made by the lasso or the magic wand tool, I suggest you to

1.copy the selection

2.flip the image (menu image, flip...)

3.paste the selection and move it to the right place (if you paste in a new layer, you could move it later)

4.flip the image back.

You could also drag the nub all over the selection to flip it manually (ex:drag the left nub to the right two times the width of the selection).

But then you have to check the x,y dimension in the status bar to be precise.

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Thank you all for your responses. That plugin worked perfectly. I found that pasting as new layers and using that plugin does exactly what I need from it. Thanks also goes out to the author of that plugin.

I have only been using Paint.NET for a few days, really, but I am incredibly impressed. Great community, great forum, great blog, detailed changelog and so many plugins to browse. This is wonderful.



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