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refractive distortion question updated with pics

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Have you tried playing with lens, tube, water reflection, etc.?


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Ok hint for you all I'm working on my first tut ever but I'm stuck at this refractive distortion stage.

have worked out how to turn the bottom opaque arrow of picture 1 into glass see the larger arrow

on same picture


now the refractive distortion is the graph under neath like in this illustration by Tom Stimpson.


help me out here I just can't figure out how to do this.

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thats not light refraction its image distortion due to thr refractive qualities of looking at glass ,accomplished with mild dents or sine waves or a combination of several distortive plug ins. and that bottle isnt true to life distortion either since it doesnt warp around the refractive glass areas.

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It does look like it's just done hoping for the best results. You can't really distort things like that easily, because it changes for every picture. What you'd need for this would be a plug-in that detects edges (transparent VS opaque), then lets you choose the altitude you want, and distorts according to that. I'm not sure I'm being clear :|

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