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Grow/Shrink Selection Suggestion

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I was using GIMP the other day and I kind of like the Grow/Shink selection feature.

Say you have a square selection that is 50 by 50 pixels. You go to the Grow selection and select how many pixels you want to grow the selection by. Say I increased it by 3. Now my selection is 53 by 53 pixels.

Is that possible to put that feature into Paint.net?

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You can do it with the entire image (see Resize) and with entire layers (hit Ctrl+Shift+Z), but for single selections, you'll need to use the "selection size" in the status bar.

Alternatively, you can copy the selection into a new layer and use Ctrl+Shift+Z to grow/shrink it (with "Zoom")

Rick would have to talk about including this as a feature rather than as a workaround, though. Hope this helps.


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I use Gimp to develop graphics for websites and am very new to Paint.net (Paint.net's GUI is much superior). Two Gimp features I use very often are grow and shrink which are very useful for placing borders/highlights around individual letters and logos. For example we want to select black text and then place a white highlight around each letter. Select each letter individually (or use the color selector to select the entire word), grow the selection by X pixels then use the fill tool to fill the grow area with the new color. This is also useful for putting borders around logos etc....

My thought is that Paint.net's Move Selection tool provides a similar scaling functionality so it may be easy to implement this feature by adding a pop-up asking the number of pixels to grow/shrink and then functionality to center the new selection with the previous selection.

Thanks for your time, love this tool.


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I have found a work around that works for me.

1. Duplicate the layer that has what you want to select.

2. In the new layer, apply Effects>Stylize>Outline.

3. Set intensity to 100, and thickness to whatever you want.

4. Hide this "outline layer" and select what you want from the original layer (I used the magic wand tool).

5. Un-hide the outline layer, make sure you are working in that layer, and use the magic wand tool to add the outline to your selection (Ctrl + right-click on the outline). You may have to adjust flood mode and tolerance.

6. You can now delete the outline layer and you have a grown selection in your original layer!


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