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It's wierd, they've totally failed to make a good snowboarding game yet, whilst skatebording (not the same but there cvould be an easy concrete to snow conversion) has a few. Just a random side note there. :P

99% of sports games are retarded and pointless. Just go out and do it.

The same cannot be said of FPS.


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happiness: i learnt how to use c4d D: (animate stuff, from a great tut at SLG)

now i gotta start making actual c4ds :D

I need to do that sometime. Is it hard? And how do you get the program?

its VERY annoyingly hard.

but after some tuts by a guy named Desi Chico @ SLG, its much easier to animate.

oh, and btw i got a "trial" versio :wink:

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