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It half-snowed today. Sort of like sleet. Good signs of a white Christmas here in London. :)

For me, snow is a rarity; snow deep enough to justify a day off school a statistical anomaly created by strange places up north. Like Scotland.
Reminds me of 2 years ago, where my school was "closed" for the day due to snow. By "closed" i mean that we werent told that it was closed, so half the people in my school came, and half of them didn't. The half that did come (me and my mates were part of that half) were allowed to go home at like 10am, but not many left as we had a massive snowball fight on the school field. KS3 vs KS4. :D

Merry Christmas


.::.My Gallery.::.Make Gold Text!.::.

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KS3 vs KS4. :D

Equivalent to American... what? I'm not familiar with English grade terms. :wink:

You wouldn't think that college would be cancelled for snow, especially since all the students live on site, but apparently it has happened here. Must have been a lot of snow. :D

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Florida and snow is a double negative.. or double positive. :shock:

Anyway, I'm really happy. I'm developing something with a friend of mine, and it's going to be great.. PM for details. And I will be adding uppon the Tag Guide that I got going over the summer, which hasn't been updated in months. And finally, be sure to check for a video tutorial within the next week or so, including audio commentary. Rock band mics, ftw.

Note: I don't sound 14, just ask Mike. :P

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I was checking on the price of the camera I was going to buy and what I saw shocked me:


I thought it was a glitch cause yesterday it was up to $289 so I reloaded the page and it was still there. So I added it to my cart as quickly as I could and once I had it purchased I reloaded the first page and the price had gone back up to $279! I don't know what happened but I got a quick 40/50 doller discount haha. I'm so happy right now :mrgreen:


^Click to visit my Flickr Gallery^

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