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I find that using Axe works just as well as WD40, and leaves a lovely smell, too. :-)

I actually prefer the smell of WD40 to that of Axe. It doesn't help that some kids on my bus saturated the air with Axe pretty much every day. I wouldn't wear WD40, though...

Oh, also, Axe does not spray as far as WD40, especially with the straw attachment.

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Guess I'm not the forum type. :wink:

*cough* have a life :lol:

Hey, atleast you don't look like you spend too much time on a forum.

I am ashamed that I have only had this account for a little over three months, and my average post is 5.19 a day, and I'm not even a mod.

What does that tell you about me? :D :idea:

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Post count isn't everything guys...

You're right, it's about what the post contains.

In another forum there was this person who had joined 3 months before me but has 2000 posts more than I do, but they're all like "Help" "I need help" "yes" "I agree" and things like that.

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Jeff Atwood concurs!

When it comes to software, the same rule applies. If you aren't building, you aren't learning. Rather than agonizing over whether you're building the right thing, just build it. And if that one doesn't work, keep building until you get one that does.

This obviously doesn't exactly apply, as posting isn't something that can really be "practiced". Your posts mostly parallel your communicative skills, which would mean that the 1000 one sentence replies would belong to a person who wouldn't talk much in the first place, which calls for the question: Why the hell does someone like that join forums? :?

Either way, I find that your post number on its own doesn't lend status, but when combined with other data (Join date, quality of posts) it does. For example, if you saw someone with 5000 posts delivering a great answer to a question, and seeing he joined 2-3 ears ago, you can easily deduce that he/she will have a great standard of posting, being a veteran and having loads of experience with communicating with people in the community.

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And now, guess what, I've learnt how to make an origami crane! I've already made about 5 of these of all different sizes. :mrgreen:

They say if you make a thousand...

Maybe I will but it won't be today... :roll:

All I need to right now is find someone who can supply me with 1000 pieces of squared paper. :roll:

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