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Or, you could look at the bright side (this is the Sanctuary after all), and say that it inspires and motivates you to get better so you can match and surpass me?


you're right- it does inspire me.....to hack into your account, find out where you live, and spy and stalk you constantly, watch everything you do, and move across from you- just to see how to surpass you


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hi Namiyoshi I usually look at your work over on DA along with quite a few others. I know there are quite a few of us that look at DA so the number of watches in a persons gallery here doesn't really mean art work isn't being viewed. I couldn't find your personal gallery here at Paint.net. if you give me a link I'll certainly change to watching your work here instead.


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Well, I got a new phone after the old one fell in a pool. The Nokia 5310 XpressMusic.

Funny, I wasn't expecting it to be so small! It's literally half the size of the average phone! For God's sake, it's 1/4th thinner than the RAZR!

I'm pretty happy with it. The Symbian S40 OS has done me nothing but good; very well-coded. Build quality is pretty solid with the exception of the bottom-left area of the plastic on the front (apply pressure and it'll move about half a millimeter down, making a faint squackling noise in the process). The play/pause and prev/next track buttons are very convinient. Guitar Hero III is fun to play. Camera isn't very good, but still better than a RAZR v3. Access to SIM, battery, and microSD card is simple. Speakers are louder than an iPhone 3G's. The earbud socket is strong (it holds onto the plug to the point that you can pull 4 Gs of force swinging the phone around and the earbuds remain attached). Voice recognition is good, though it doesn't understand me when I give the "Next [Radio] Station" command.

The only thing I would change is the ability to search for your music instead of having to scroll through the artist, album or song until you reach your desired point, and an internal antenna for the FM radio (you need to insert earphones to function as the antenna for the radio to activate). Oh, and I would've preferred to have SD support instead of microSD (with a max of 16GB or 32GB instead of the given 8GB).

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