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Congratulations LFC4EVER. Compare that to my dismal gallery.

I'm happy right now because I've got actually got an idea for the MSC competition because for the first time, I'm actually going to enter a competition. :shock:

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My happiness: Adblock Plus

You are behind the times... :P

I just recently got around to actually getting firefox, and I saw a post by CMD where he bragged about not having to worry about annoying ads, so cut me some slack- I'm an IE newb :oops: :P

"pyrochild, you're my favorite person ever. We should go snowboarding some time."~ 007 Nab. Ish.

PDN Gallery | I Made a Deviant Art!

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I noticed the forum layout was all different - I went to get into the overflow and was like -wherdiditgo?

It should work out just fine though :P

Yeah, I was just like:

"Since when exactly has everyone been obsessed with plugins?"

Is anyone watching the Olympic Opening Ceremony? I love it.

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