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I had never owned an SNES.

Until today. :)


Very nice. ;)

I don't think I've played on a SNES. And, yes Dan, you're right, it is a very nice keyboard :mrgreen:

@MR, I'm liking the new sig :)


Son, someday you will make a girl happy for a short period of time. Then she'll leave you & be with men that are ten times

better than you can imagine. These men are called musicians. :D

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I still have my SNES... and my NES! The only game I can find for my SNES is Mario Paint [with the original mouse and pad], don't know where the other cartridges went. Howerver, I still have about 20 NES games in a box somewhere (I still have the instruction booklets to some of them, namely Metroid). After doing the math one night (through Google and eBay), I figured that I have about $70 worth of games, but I don't see myself selling any of 'em for at least another decade :)


Today, I discovered how great Songbird is for listening to music. I just got the "Lyrics Plugin", which does exactly what it says. I start playing a song titled "Rock Star (Jason Nevins Remix)" by N.E.R.D, and the moment I double click on the title, faster than my eyes can move to the other side of the screen, the lyrics are showing. It loaded the lyrics to a remix of a song that not many people know. In milliseconds.

Also, I've been making a few playlists for my library. One of them is called "No excess", which is where I put all of my favorite songs, though it still has over 130 tracks. Another, called "Juegamos" is full of songs that you may hear in a videogame (mostly from SSX, Placebo and Finger Eleven dominating the collection). Then there's my "Contemporary" playlist that has songs that were at one time on Billboard, songs that are essentially must-haves [No Air, Get Silly, New Soul, American Pie, and Time of Your Life among them].

And as of 45 minutes ago, I started listening to online radio from SOUTcast [installed with Songbird]. Right now I'm listening to 181.FM "The Buzz" at 128kbps [for those who don't know, that's a pretty good bitrate, better than YouTube audio].

"The greatest thing about the Internet is that you can write anything you want and give it a false source." ~Ezra Pound

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On a lighter note (for those who read my rant)..

Tomarrow I get back to FL and back to my own computer. Tomarrow (unless I get in too, too late) I will be releasing two videos.

Glow'y Line Video Tutorial


A video demonstrating how I make sigs.

Voice 'n' all. :)

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