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I do not like Python.

EDIT: Before anyone asks why, I don't really have a reason. I've played with it a few times and wrote a few forum-related scripts, and it's just not something I enjoyed working with. That's reason enough, yes?


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[i write plugins and stuff]

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Happiness: I finally found a game language that's simple enough for my tiny little useless brain to comprehend. :) Seriously, this is the brain that doesn't even get Python. Yeah that bad.

As long as that game language doesn't end up being GML (which is available in Game Maker), should be alright.

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Who said I was gonna get it?

Here's my current system specs (sadly on a computer I got March this year... maybe for my birthday which is also a special occasion I'll get it. Those of you who know me well know what I mean.):

Dell Studio 1555
Win7 HP x64
Intel Core 2 Duo T6600 @ 2.20mHZ
Intel HD Graphics (Believe me, not so HD)

This cost $830. I would pay $1025 for that HP. :D

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I am now the proud owner of a 15" MacBook Pro. I <3 it.

Yay, good for you! I'm a little jealous :mrgreen:

I'm saving for a Mac, too... But I'll probably buy a 13".

*no macvspc debate please*

HAPPINESS: KINGDOM HEARTS: BIRTH BY SLEEP is mine!! I've played through with one character already.

Hatred does not cease by hatred, but only by love; this is the eternal rule.

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*no macvspc debate please*

But... but... but...


(Seriously though, the only thing stopping me from getting is a Mac is the price and compatibility issues and the fact that Windows is so customizable.)

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