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I'll soon now if I got into the college (? I'm really confused with these institutions and schools. I'm talking about the one you go to when you're 16) I applied to.

im going to be going to college and im 16?

and on topic ofcourse (although going to college is a good thing ;) )

ive done all my enlgish exams, my maths and one science :)

i think ive done well in pretty much all of them :)

just got some more science left and some geography ;)

and on another note, recently got pendulums album, cant stop listening to the island part 2 and self vs self ;)


psn id: R3V-fiR3

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Go the All Whites!! YEEHA!!! :P

Amen. Who would have thought it??

I was picking Italy to thrash us by 5 goals:roll:, you can see I'm a true supporter right?

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Haha ditto, I didn't get up for the Italy game because I thought we didn't stand a chance. ;) But after our last performance I certainly won't be missing the Paraguay game!

Wouldn't it be fantastic if we got through? It would be the upset of the century! :D


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I am hating the iOS 4 update. My iDevice (iPod Touch 2G) has become extremely sluggish, sometimes crawling to halt on basic apps such as Settings. Additionally, it now seems to have a heating issue and the music playback functionality is starting to lag. :(

Same here on an iPod touch 3G. Scrolling through settings is painfully slow and not smooth at all. I thought maybe it was due to conflicts with old jailbreaks, so I did a full restore. Didn't help.

I might go back to 3.1.3 + jailbreak + Backgrounder for multitasking. This is annoying.


ambigram signature by Kemaru

[i write plugins and stuff]

If you like a post, upvote it!

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My first iOS 4 install was jailbroken to allow multitasking and backgrounds, but that was too painful. I though just 'downgrading' to a clean 4.0 install would be better, but it really isn't. I think I might join you, Pyrochild: Not only did the 3.0+ series run fine on my device, but Backgrounder also seems more natural in comparison at this point.


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Saturday was completely devoted to climbing.

We had very much wonderful weather all day so we quickly got rid of our Shirts and climbed half-naked and got incredibly dusty :O

When we realised it was already half past nine we went home and I arrived there around midnight.

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Interesting. My sister's just been diagnosed with clinical depression. She's been prescribed tablets and been referred to a counsellor. Not exactly a rant, but it doesn't really fit in the off-topic thread.

EDIT: Oops, was meant to go in the rants thread.

Edited by Rubrica
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kids off school for the next eight weeks..no early morning lunch-box making..no school-runs four different times a day.. no homework helping..

bliss :mrgreen::D ......contd. in "rants" thread..

regards j.d.

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