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what does CS5 actually cost.. cause ive seen something like 699 dollars, but that sounds weird.. i got the CS4 with my computer along with illustrator...

Roughly the price you quoted. I find it hard to believe it came with your computer, unless it was the Photoshop Elements or a very expensive computer (or they gave you a pirated version).

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hmm.. i didnt come installed on my computer but i bought them along with my computer for $50.. i just think that 699$ sounds very expensive, just for a ghraphic program, ill just stick with my CS4.

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Just got a very nice Wacom Bamboo :D

I have been given the "temporary use" of a "wacom tablet" by a friend of mine...OMG..how do you control it!! :/

it seems to have a mind of its own..suppose I just need a lot more pratice with it.

hope you have better luck with yours :mrgreen:..enjoy..

regards j.d.

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Just went to wake up the earth festival with my 16 month old, and got to see some cool exhibits. Then went to my local comic book store, since it was Free Comic Book Day, and picked up a free one for me and him, and three issues of "Do Androids Dream.." which are hard to find! And the weather was beautiful! The last three years it rained! And I successfully installed my wireless internet without shelling out $50!

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